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Table 3 Architectonic characteristics of medial PfC

From: Cyto-, myelo- and chemoarchitecture of the prefrontal cortex of the Cebus monkey

  Nissl WFA SMI-32 Myelin
32c Agranular. IG predominates over SG compartment. Medium-sized cells in Va and smaller in III. Layer V blends with VI. Narrow but very intense band in layer VI, reaching layer V, with patches of strongly labeled PNs. Weak immunoreactivity. Band in IG layers with sparse neuropil and very few somas and dendrites. Lightly myelinated. No obvious horizontal bands.
32r A thin and cell-sparse layer IV can be visualized. Similar to 32c, but the labeled band over IG layers is wider, with some pale nets reaching layer III. Immunoreactivity somewhat more intense than 32c, with some pyramidal neurons in layer IIIc. Moderate myelination. Discernible oBb and iBb. Thin and short vertical fibers in IG layers.
25 Layer IV scarcely discernible. SG layers somewhat more developed than in 32c. Clear limits between II and III. Small-sized cells sparsely packed with no clear lamination in III. Layer V almost blends with layer VI. Poorly stained. Clear-cut limits with the adjacent dorsal 32c and ventral 14c. Narrow band over layer VI reaching layer V, with a few nets and dense neuropil near white matter. Similar to 32c, but still lighter. Poorly myelinated, but somewhat more stained than 32c.