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Figure 8

From: Inhibition of cerebrovascular raf activation attenuates cerebral blood flow and prevents upregulation of contractile receptors after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Figure 8

Sections from the basilar artery showing pERK immunoreactivity in the smooth muscle cell layer. a) pERK1/2; sham, b) pERK1/2; SAH, c) pERK; SAH treated with SB386023-b after 6 h, d) pERK; SAH treated with SB386023-b after 12 h, There are increased expressions of the pERK1/2 protein levels in the SAH compared to the sham operated rats. Treatment with SB386023-b after 6 h prevented the increased protein expression in the smooth muscle cells. Data were obtained with confocal microscopy.

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