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Figure 7

From: Calcium-stores mediate adaptation in axon terminals of Olfactory Receptor Neurons in Drosophila

Figure 7

Ca2+-transients in flies with pharmacologically blocked GABA A receptors. Response profiles of bicuculline (A-C) or picrotoxin-treated flies (D-F) to 5 s application of spearmint, citronella, or octanol, applied 5 times at 5 min-intervals. The amplitudes of odor-evoked activity during the repeated stimulations remain constant for bicuculline for the 3 odors, as well as for picrotoxin, although they are strongly reduced for this last condition. (G-I) Mean of total photons for each condition. (J-L) Mean of the duration of the response (s). n = 5-9 flies for each condition. Values are means +/- SEM. Statistics: same tests as for Figure 2 (see Table 1 for statistical values).

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