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Table 1 Summary of comparison to manual analysis and existing software

From: NeuriteQuant: An open source toolkit for high content screens of neuronal Morphogenesis

  manual analysis NeuriteQuant Wu et al. NeuriteIQ
correlation to manual analysis (Pearson's r) N/A 0.990 0.998 0.987
Z-factor 0.29 0.53 0.29 0.087
analysis time (one 1k × 1k image) >1 h 10 sec1 8 sec2 40 sec2 3 min1
software requirements ImageJ (free) NeuronJ (free) ImageJ (free) MATLAB (commercial) MATLAB (commercial)
availability free free, open-source upon request to author compiled program available online
  1. 1: 32-bit WindowsXP on low-level Pentium notebook. 2: 64-bit Windows 7 on intermediate-level quad-core desktop.