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Table 2 Pharmacological treatments with known behavioural effects on adult zebrafish.

From: Adult zebrafish as a model organism for behavioural genetics

Behaviour Modulating agent Function / Activity Effect Reference
Aggression Ethanol GABA-A receptor modulator Increases aggression [85]
Aggression 17α-ethinylestradiol Synthetic oestrogen Reduces aggression [44]
Antipredation Ethanol GABA-A receptor modulator Impaired by high doses [6]
Anxiety Diazepam Benzodiazepine Reduces anxiety [49, 86]
Anxiety FG-7142 Benzodiazepine inv. agonist Increases anxiety [49]
Anxiety Pentylenetetrazole GABA antagonist Increases anxiety [53]
Anxiety Ethanol GABA-A receptor modulator Reduces anxiety [50, 53]
Anxiety Buspirone Htr1A partial agonist Reduces anxiety [55]
Anxiety Alarm substance Hypoxanthine-3N-oxide Increases anxiety [50, 52]
Anxiety Nicotine NachR agonist Reduces anxiety [34]
Anxiety Methyllycaconitine Nicotinic antagonist Anxiolytic [55]
Anxiety Dihydro-β-erythroidine Nicotinic antagonist Anxiolytic [55]
Anxiety Mecamylamine Nicotinic antagonist Anxiolytic [34]
Anxiety Morphine Opiate Reduces anxiety [53]
Anxiety Cocaine (withdrawal) Psychostimulant Increases anxiety [49]
Anxiety Fluoxetine 5-HT reuptake inhibitor Reduces anxiety [50, 53]
Anxiety Caffeine Xanthine alkaloid Increases anxiety [50, 53]
Group preference Ethanol GABA-A receptor modulator Reduced at high conc. [6]
Learning α FMH HDAC inhibitor Impairs long term memory [30]
Learning Nicotine NachR agonist Improves learning [34, 35]
Learning MK-801 NMDA antagonist Impairs memory [27, 28]
Learning L-NAME NO synthase inhibitor Impairs memory retention [27]
Light/Dark pref Ethanol GABA-A receptor modulator Decreased at high conc. [6]
Locomotion Ethanol GABA-A receptor modulator Reduced at high conc. [6]
Reward Acetylcholine Cholinergic agonist Non-rewarding [13]
Reward Ethanol GABA-A receptor modulator Rewarding [7]
Reward Nicotine NachR agonist Rewarding [7]
Reward Food Nourishment Rewarding [10]
Reward Morphine Opiate Rewarding [10]
Reward Morphine Opiate Rewarding [10]
Reward Cocaine Psychostimulant Rewarding [8]
Reward Amphetamine Psychostimulant Rewarding [9]
Sleep Dexmedetomidine alpha2 adrenoceptor agonist Sedative [61]
Sleep Pentobarbital Barbiturate Hypnotic [57]
Sleep Diazepam Benzodiazepine Hypnotic [57]