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Table 3 Stimulus words in the three emotion categories

From: Processing of emotional words measured simultaneously with steady-state visually evoked potentials and near-infrared diffusing-wave spectroscopy

Neutral Pleasant Unpleasant
Apparat (apparatus) Ferien (holidays) Lügner (liar)
Stirn (forehead) Freude (delight) Alptraum (nightmare)
Begriff (concept) Orgasmus (orgasm) Opfer (victim)
Bewohner (inhabitant) Geschenk (present) Elend (misery)
Ding (thing) Glück (happiness) Folter (torture)
Thema (theme) Liebe (love) Selbstmord (suicide)
Geschirr (tableware) Spass (fun) Kerker (dungeon)
Inhalt (content) Umarmung (hug) Diktator (dictator)
Papier (paper) Kuss (kiss) Krieg (war)
Quadrat (square) Vergnügen (amusement) Panik (panic)
  1. The stimulus words are listed in German language (as presented in the experiment) and with English translation in parentheses.