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Table 1 Summary of transcripts showing differential expression.

From: Downstream targets of methyl CpG binding protein 2 and their abnormal expression in the frontal cortex of the human Rett syndrome brain

Comparison Number of transcripts that passed 'cut-off' Number of differentially expressed transcripts
   Fold-change SAM analysis Overlap
RTT fc vs. CON fc 11,812 34 891 15
RTT fc vs. RTT oc 9,334 46 13 9
RTT oc vs. CON oc 9,355 21 0 -
CON fc vs. CON oc 10,087 13 19 4
  1. The number of genes that passed cut-off were those that were expressed (pixel intensity of greater than 200 in one channel) and undistorted (not 'flagged') in each group of 6 experiments. The number of genes that was deemed significantly differentially expressed is listed for the 'fold change' (1.5 fold change) and the SAM analysis comparison. fc = frontal cortex; oc = occipital cortex. A gene that was differentially expressed between RTT fc vs. CON fc AND RTT fc vs. RTT oc, and not in the CON fc vs. CON oc was considered for further analysis. Column labeled 'overlap' contains the number of transcripts that were differentially expressed in both the fold-change and the SAM analysis.