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Figure 3

From: Impaired neurogenesis, learning and memory and low seizure threshold associated with loss of neural precursor cell survivin

Figure 3

Neurogenesis defects in SurvivinCamcreembryos. (A-D) Tunel labeling of coronal sections of E14.5 brains illustrates increased number of apoptotic cells in the ganglionic eminences (GE) of SurvivinCamcreembryos (arrows). (E-J) BrdU immunostaining of coronal sections of E17.5 embryos reveals reduced cell proliferation in the SVZ, the RMS (arrow in G, H), and the OB of SurvivinCamcreembryos as compared to controls. NCX, neocortex; HP, hippocampus. Scale bars: 500 μm

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