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Figure 1

From: Left auditory cortex gamma synchronization and auditory hallucination symptoms in schizophrenia

Figure 1

Analyses of scalp EEG data. (A) Time-frequency and topographic maps of phase locking factor (PLF) for healthy controls (HC) and schizophrenia patients (SZ). The time-frequency maps show responses at electrode Fz. Topographic maps are oriented so that the top of the map is anterior and the bottom is posterior. (B) Time-frequency and topographic maps of evoked power for HC and SZ, as in A. (C) Dipole model of the ASSR based on the HC grand average. Labels are for left hemisphere tangential (LH tan), left hemisphere radial (LH rad), right hemisphere tangential (RH tan), right hemisphere radial (RH rad), and Residual (Res) dipoles. (D) Global field power (blue) of the scalp ASSR and percent residual variance (%RV) of the dipole model (red). The period during which the dipole model was fit (30–550 ms) is shaded.

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