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Table 3 Mice groups.

From: In vivo 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy can detect metabolic changes in APP/PS1 mice after donepezil treatment

Mouse type n Age at beginning of treatment Treatment Investigated brain region
tg 6 12 weeks donepezil ctx/hipp
tg 7 12 weeks NaCl ctx/hipp
tg 5 16 weeks donepezil str
tg 5 16 weeks NaCl str
wt 10 12 weeks donepezil ctx/hipp and str
wt 10 12 weeks NaCl ctx/hipp and str
  1. Abbreviations: wt = wild type mice, tg = APP/PS1transgenic mice, ctx/hipp = parietal cortex/hippocampus, str = striatum.