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Table 2 Syllable stimuli in Experiment 2

From: Statistical language learning in neonates revealed by event-related brain potentials

  S1 S2 S3
1 /ka ø: ai/
2 /sæ e: ky/
3 /ki y: sø/
4 /sa ea ke/
5 /o: ui si/
6 /kæ ie æ:/
7 /eu sy kø/
8 /u: so ia/
9 /se ku i:/
10 /iu ko a:/
  1. The syllables used in Experiment 2. The final syllables (S3) of Experiment 1 were shifted to become initial syllables (S1). Medial (S2) and final (S3) syllables were also used as unexpected syllables added between standard pseudowords. There were no novel unexpected syllables in Experiment 2.