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Figure 7

From: Anti-depressant and anxiolytic like behaviors in PKCI/HINT1 knockout mice associated with elevated plasma corticosterone level

Figure 7

Plasma corticosterone levelsin PKCI/HINT1 KO mice and their WT controls. Plasma corticosterone levels (ng/ml of plasma) were determined for three conditions, as basal in the morning (BSL-AM), basal in the afternoon (BSL-PM), and following a 6 min tail suspension test performed in the afternoon (TST). * P < 0.05 WT vs. KO; (*) P < 0.05, (***) P < 0.001 vs. morning baseline; (^^) P < 0.01 vs. afternoon baseline, Bonferroni post hoc. WT n = 15, KO n = 15.

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