Sensory systems

Section edited by Jiu-Lin Du

This section deals with sensory functions and sensory processing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, gustatory and olfactory signal transduction, chemosensory circuits, phototransduction and auditory neurophysiology.

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  1. Research article

    Effectiveness of conservative interventions for sickness and pain behaviors induced by a high repetition high force upper extremity task

    Systemic inflammation is known to induce sickness behaviors, including decreased social interaction and pain. We have reported increased serum inflammatory cytokines in a rat model of repetitive strain injury ...

    D. L. Xin, J. Hadrévi, M. E. Elliott, M. Amin, M. Y. Harris, A. E. Barr-Gillespie and M. F. Barbe

    BMC Neuroscience 2017 18:36

    Published on: 29 March 2017

  2. Research article

    Upregulation of the endothelin A (ETA) receptor and its association with neurodegeneration in a rodent model of glaucoma

    Primary open angle glaucoma is a heterogeneous group of optic neuropathies that results in optic nerve degeneration and a loss of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) ultimately causing blindness if allowed to progre...

    Nolan R. McGrady, Alena Z. Minton, Dorota L. Stankowska, Shaoqing He, Hayden B. Jefferies and Raghu R. Krishnamoorthy

    BMC Neuroscience 2017 18:27

    Published on: 1 March 2017

  3. Research article

    Quantitative analysis of axon collaterals of single pyramidal cells of the anterior piriform cortex of the guinea pig

    The role of the piriform cortex (PC) in olfactory information processing remains largely unknown. The anterior part of the piriform cortex (APC) has been the focus of cortical-level studies of olfactory codin...

    Junli Yang, Gerhard Litscher, Zhongren Sun, Qiang Tang, Kiyoshi Kishi, Satoko Oda, Masaaki Takayanagi, Zemin Sheng, Yang Liu, Wenhai Guo, Ting Zhang, Lu Wang, Ingrid Gaischek, Daniela Litscher, Irmgard Th. Lippe and Masaru Kuroda

    BMC Neuroscience 2017 18:25

    Published on: 8 February 2017

  4. Research article

    Evoked potentials and behavioral performance during different states of brain arousal

    Previous studies compared evoked potentials (EPs) between several sleep stages but only one uniform wake state. However, using electroencephalography (EEG), several arousal states can be distinguished before s...

    Jue Huang, Tilman Hensch, Christine Ulke, Christian Sander, Janek Spada, Philippe Jawinski and Ulrich Hegerl

    BMC Neuroscience 2017 18:21

    Published on: 25 January 2017

  5. Research article

    Neural hyperactivity in the amygdala induced by chronic treatment of rats with analgesics may elucidate the mechanisms underlying psychiatric comorbidities associated with medication-overuse headache

    Patients with medication-overuse headache suffer not only from chronic headache, but often from psychiatric comorbidities, such as anxiety and depression. The mechanisms underlying these comorbidities are uncl...

    Aree Wanasuntronwong, Ukkrit Jansri and Anan Srikiatkhachorn

    BMC Neuroscience 2017 18:1

    Published on: 3 January 2017

  6. Methodology article

    Measuring eye states in functional MRI

    In many functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies, experimental design often depends on the eye state (i.e., whether the participants had their eyes open or closed). Closed eyes during an fMRI is th...

    Stefan Brodoehl, Otto W. Witte and Carsten M. Klingner

    BMC Neuroscience 2016 17:48

    Published on: 13 July 2016

  7. Research article

    The preventive effect of resiniferatoxin on the development of cold hypersensitivity induced by spinal nerve ligation: involvement of TRPM8

    Resiniferatoxin (RTX) is a potent analog of capsaicin and activates transient receptor potential (TRP) vanilloid type (TRPV) 1. In the current study, we investigated the preventive effect of perineural RTX on ...

    Won Uk Koh, Seong-Soo Choi, Ji Hyun Kim, Hye Joo Yoon, Ho-Soo Ahn, Sun Kyung Lee, Jeong Gil Leem, Jun Gol Song and Jin Woo Shin

    BMC Neuroscience 2016 17:38

    Published on: 21 June 2016

  8. Research article

    Neuroprotective effect of activated 5′-adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase on cone system function during retinal inflammation

    Retinal inflammation can cause retinal neural disorders. In particular, functional disorder in the cone photoreceptor system influences visual acuity. However, the underlying mechanism is not yet fully underst...

    Mamoru Kamoshita, Kaoru Fujinami, Eriko Toda, Kazuo Tsubota and Yoko Ozawa

    BMC Neuroscience 2016 17:32

    Published on: 10 June 2016

  9. Research article

    Multimodal interaction in the insect brain

    The magnitude of multimodal enhancement in the brain is believed to depend on the stimulus intensity and timing. Such an effect has been found in many species, but has not been previously investigated in insects.

    Anna Balkenius and Christian Balkenius

    BMC Neuroscience 2016 17:29

    Published on: 1 June 2016

  10. Research article

    Intracellular chloride concentration of the mouse vomeronasal neuron

    The vomeronasal organ (VNO) is specialized in detecting pheromone and heterospecific cues in the environment. Recent studies demonstrate the involvement of multiple ion channels in VNO signal transduction, inc...

    SangSeong Kim, Limei Ma, Jay Unruh, Sean McKinney and C. Ron Yu

    BMC Neuroscience 2015 16:90

    Published on: 15 December 2015

  11. Research article

    Emotional words facilitate lexical but not early visual processing

    Emotional scenes and faces have shown to capture and bind visual resources at early sensory processing stages, i.e. in early visual cortex. However, emotional words have led to mixed results. In the current st...

    Sophie M. Trauer, Sonja A. Kotz and Matthias M. Müller

    BMC Neuroscience 2015 16:89

    Published on: 12 December 2015

  12. Research article

    Adaptation of cortical activity to sustained pressure stimulation on the fingertip

    Tactile adaptation is a phenomenon of the sensory system that results in temporal desensitization after an exposure to sustained or repetitive tactile stimuli. Previous studies reported psychophysical and phys...

    Yoon Gi Chung, Sang Woo Han, Hyung-Sik Kim, Soon-Cheol Chung, Jang-Yeon Park, Christian Wallraven and Sung-Phil Kim

    BMC Neuroscience 2015 16:71

    Published on: 29 October 2015

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