Section edited by Shanbao Tong

This section covers novel techniques for fundamental and clinical neurosciences, and the state-of-art review articles. Techniques include, but are not limited to, neural signal processing, neuroimaging, neural interface, neurosurgery, neuromodulation, brain stimulation and molecular imaging. The technique either newly developed or well tested somewhere else would be used in a way that proves its value for new findings in neurosciences.

  1. Research article

    Hemodynamic effects of intraoperative anesthetics administration in photothrombotic stroke model: a study using laser speckle imaging

    Previous neuroimaging studies have shown the hemodynamic effect of either preconditioning or postconditioning anesthesia in ischemic stroke model. However, the anesthetic effect in hemodynamics during and imm...

    Hongyang Lu, Yao Li, Bin Bo, Lu Yuan, Xiaodan Lu, Hangdao Li and Shanbao Tong

    BMC Neuroscience 2017 18:10

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  2. Research article

    Results on the spatial resolution of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for cortical language mapping during object naming in healthy subjects

    The spatial resolution of repetitive navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for language mapping is largely unknown. Thus, to determine a minimum spatial resolution of rTMS for language mapping, we...

    Nico Sollmann, Theresa Hauck, Lorena Tussis, Sebastian Ille, Stefanie Maurer, Tobias Boeckh-Behrens, Florian Ringel, Bernhard Meyer and Sandro M. Krieg

    BMC Neuroscience 2016 17:67

    Published on: 24 October 2016

  3. Research article

    Cerebral blood perfusion changes in amputees with myoelectric hands after rehabilitation: a SPECT computer-aided analysis

    Rehabilitation, which is essential for amputees with myoelectric hands, can improve the quality of daily life by remodeling the neuron network. In our study, we aim to develop a cerebral blood perfusion (CBF) ...

    Qiufang Liu, Xiujuan Zheng, Panli Li, Lian Xu, Longwen He, Zhao Mei, Yinyan Zhu, Gang Huang, Chunlong Zhong and Shaoli Song

    BMC Neuroscience 2016 17:59

    Published on: 31 August 2016