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Table 4 GO enrichment analysis of MCODE network in PPI.MCODE algorithm was applied to this network, and GO enrichment analysis was applied to each MCODE network

From: Identification of hub genes in the subacute spinal cord injury in rats

Network Shape Gene Go Description Log(q-value)
ALL Ellipse R-RNO-168249 Innate immune system − 17.2
GO:0050778 positive regulation of immune response − 15.4
GO:0002252 immune effector process − 12.9
MCODE_1 Diamond C3ar1 Ccl27 Pf4 S1pr3 Cxcl16 Hebp1 Gngt2 Anxa1 Gng13 R-RNO-418594 G alpha (i) signalling events − 16.9
R-RNO-500792 GPCR ligand binding − 15.5
R-RNO-388396 GPCR downstream signalling − 14.7
MCODE_2 Rectangle Itgb2 Cybb Cyba Vav1 Cd53 Cmtm6 Stk10 rno04670 Leukocyte transendothelial migration − 7.2
ko04670 Leukocyte transendothelial migration − 7.2
GO:0042554 superoxide anion generation − 6.2
MCODE_3 Triangle Shc1 Ptpn6 Inpp5d Lyn Cblb Lcp2 WP147 Kit receptor signaling pathway − 11.4
R-RNO-512988 Interleukin-3, Interleukin-5 and GM-CSF signaling − 9.8
R-RNO-21099 PECAM1 interactions − 8.6
  1. PPI protein–protein interaction