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Table 1 The most significantly up-regulated mRNAs in SK-N-SH upon infection

From: Transcriptional landscape of human neuroblastoma cells in response to SARS-CoV-2

Gene symbol Ensembl gene ID log2(fold change) pvalue qvalue
DAXX ENSG00000204209 20.94920312 8.40E−08 1.64E−06
PRKAR2B ENSG00000005249 19.70849114 4.64E−07 7.93E−06
IL1B ENSG00000125538 11.27229587 4.04E−21 3.19E−19
C3 ENSG00000125730 11.09132179 3.92E−27 4.45E−25
NPHS1 ENSG00000161270 10.13167858 3.27E−17 1.97E−15
CXCL8 ENSG00000169429 9.912163891 2.54E−78 1.33E−75
CSF2 ENSG00000164400 9.254520273 6.43E−19 4.50E−17
CSF3 ENSG00000108342 9.209276009 4.21E−14 1.88E−12
SAA1 ENSG00000173432 9.115529729 1.00E−13 4.32E−12
SAA2 ENSG00000134339 8.723468366 5.53E−13 2.22E−11
CXCL1 ENSG00000163739 8.696454974 3.03E−54 8.37E−52
IBSP ENSG00000029559 8.689388507 2.50E−12 9.31E−11
MUC5AC ENSG00000215182 8.646083669 1.23E−16 7.06E−15
CCL5 ENSG00000271503 8.620893187 3.94E−10 1.08E−08
DAZL ENSG00000092345 8.289859122 3.31E−11 1.07E−09
CHI3L2 ENSG00000064886 8.22848944 8.28E−11 2.53E−09
CXCL6 ENSG00000124875 8.07779969 2.22E−26 2.43E−24
OAS2 ENSG00000111335 8.02626939 3.40E−10 9.40E−09
CXCL10 ENSG00000169245 7.762963407 1.29E−09 3.25E−08
CCL11 ENSG00000172156 7.693464893 2.21E−09 5.44E−08
CXCL2 ENSG00000081041 7.687061845 2.01E−100 1.51E−97
CXCL3 ENSG00000163734 7.657960595 5.81E−24 5.49E−22
LCN2 ENSG00000148346 7.571353618 4.88E−09 1.15E−07
ZP4 ENSG00000116996 7.46003184 1.01E−08 2.28E−07
MUC2 ENSG00000198788 7.397325048 1.69E−08 3.71E−07
TRIM63 ENSG00000158022 7.318006714 5.26E−09 1.24E−07
SELE ENSG00000007908 7.181187414 5.77E−08 1.17E−06
HSD11B1 ENSG00000117594 7.120788422 8.04E−62 2.86E−59
CCL20 ENSG00000115009 7.094282144 1.98E−08 4.29E−07
ICAM4 ENSG00000105371 6.980521281 3.59E−08 7.50E−07