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Table 4 Studies reported the association between the circle of Willis and ischemic stroke, 2020

From: Association between circle of Willis and ischemic stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis Author Odds ratio 95% CI P-value Comments
1 Yu-Ming et al 3.21 1.43–9.62 0.036 PcomA hypoplasia in ischemic stroke patients was 19.35%, which was significantly higher than the control group (8.20%)
2 Shahan et al 7.1 1.28–33.3 0.001 The presence of an additional artery will reduce the risk of stroke
3 Tom-Van et al 1.9 1.3–3.0 0.02 Stenosis of proximal MCA or an incomplete posterior COW was determinants of poor collateral flow in acute stroke patients
4 SMART Group 2.8 1.3–6.3 0.01 An incomplete anterior COW was a predictor of anterior circulation stroke
5 Rafat et al 1.28 1.16–1.49 0.001 The presence of AcomA and PcomA reduced the risk of stroke by 72%
6 Edlira et al 1.5 0.6–3.8 0.4 Anatomical variations of COW in stroke patients were 23.3%, which was higher than the control group (16.7%)