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Table 3 Predisposing risk factors for ischemic stroke patients across different studies, 2020

From: Association between circle of Willis and ischemic stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis Author/ year of publication Predisposing risk factors
1 Yu-Ming et al. [38] HT, DM, AF, OC, smoking, and other cardiac diseases
2 Shahan, et al. [39] Motor vehicle accident and treated with heparin
3 Tom-Van et al. [40] HT, DM, AF, and smoking
4 SMART Study Group [41] HT, DM, CAD, PAD,HPL, and smoking
5 Rafat et al. [17] HT, DM, smoking, and ischemic heart disease
6 Edlira et al. [42] Age and CAD
  1. HT Hypertension, DM Diabetes Mellitus, CAD Coronary Artery Disease, PAD Peripheral Artery Disease, HPL Hyperlipidemia, AF Atrial Fibrillation, OC Oral Contraceptive