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Table 1 List of antibodies used for western blotting (WB) and proximity ligation assay (PLA)

From: Proximity ligation assay reveals both pre- and postsynaptic localization of the APP-processing enzymes ADAM10 and BACE1 in rat and human adult brain

Antibody nameCompanyDilution (WB)Dilution (PLA)
Anti-ADAM10Abcam (ab39153)1:40001:4000
Anti-Amyloid beta precursor protein C-terminus [Y188]Abcam (ab32136)1:50001:5000
Anti-APP C-terminus [C1/6.1]BioLegend (802801)1:1000
Anti-BACE1Cell Signaling Technology (D10E5)1:10001:200
Anti-PSD-95Abcam (ab2723)1:20 000
Anti-PSD-95Neuromab, k28/43 (75-028)1:1000
Anti-SynaptophysinEnzo (VAM-SV011F)1:10 0001:3000