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Table 7 Analysis 2 (German only): back-transformed fitted reaction times (ms)

From: Capturing multiple interaction effects in L1 and L2 object-naming reaction times in healthy bilinguals: a mixed-effects multiple regression analysis

Fixed-effect levelsFitted mean95% CI lower bound95% CI upper bound
runNum run110299851078
runNum run2942904982
trialNum 20th9649241007
trialNum 120th10249791074
wordChoice modal9839421027
wordChoice others10129661062
Female, firstPhoneme_Same929882981
Female, firstPhoneme_Diff9769261032
Male, firstPhoneme_Same10319591115
Male, firstPhoneme_Diff10419711122
GermanRun1 = 70% correct, WF = 10/Mil.9508691049
GermanRun1 = 70% correct, WF = 10,000/Mil.803741878
GermanRun1 = 95% correct, WF = 10/Mil.107610081154
GermanRun1 = 95% correct, WF = 10,000/Mil.9769151047
  1. This table displays the reaction time (RT) means with upper and lower 95% confidence interval (CI) bounds as related to their respective analysis groups