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Table 4 Analysis 1 (L1 and L2 combined): back-transformed fitted reaction times (ms)

From: Capturing multiple interaction effects in L1 and L2 object-naming reaction times in healthy bilinguals: a mixed-effects multiple regression analysis

Fixed-effect levelsFitted mean95% CI lower bound95% CI upper bound
L1, WF = 10/Mil.10449961096
L1, WF = 10,000/Mil.9739271024
L2, WF = 10/Mil.10439961095
L2, WF = 10,000/Mil.916875960
Run 1, WF = 10/Mil.109410421151
Run 1, WF = 10,000/Mil.9569121004
Run 2, WF = 10/Mil.9899461036
Run 2, WF = 10,000/Mil.929887976
Run 1, Trial number 20th10149721061
Run 1, Trial number 120th107010231123
Run 2, Trial number 20th930894969
Run 2, Trial number 120th10219761071
  1. This table illustrates the condition-specific reaction time (RT) means with upper and lower 95% confidence interval (CI) bounds as related to their respective analysis groups