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Fig. 1

From: Localization of phosphotyrosine adaptor protein ShcD/SHC4 in the adult rat central nervous system

Fig. 1

Immunolocalization of ShcD in the adult rat brain. ShcD is broadly distributed throughout the brain, with intense staining in the olfactory bulb (ob), as well as regions of the hippocampus (hip) and cerebellum (med). Parasagittal section of an 8-week old male Sprague–Dawley rat is shown. No staining was apparent when the primary antibody was omitted from the reaction. Superior and inferior cerebellar peduncle (scp, icp), corticospinal tract (cst), longitudinal fasciculus of the pons (lfp), lateral ventricle (denoted by *), subventricular zone (svz; arrow), cortex (ctx), intrabulbar (ica) and anterior limb (aca) of the anterior commissure (ac), olfactory nerve layer (onl), glomerular layer (glm). Scale bar = 2 mm

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