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Fig. 2

From: The role of PI3K-mediated AMPA receptor changes in post-conditioning of propofol in brain protection

Fig. 2

Propofol post-conditioning mitigated the infarction injury. A Pictures of TTC staining in brain sections. B Statistical results of cerebral infarction volume in each group of rats. Infarcted area shown on TTC staining (white color) was prominent in the IR Group while decreased in propofol treated groups at two time points (P = 0.12 at 11 h and P = 0.008 at 23 h after IR injury). By contrast, pretreatment with LY294002 partly eliminated the protection induced by propofol (P = 0.014 at 11 h and P = 0.016 at 23 h as compared with group P, respectively). n = 6 for each group. S: sham-operated group; IR: P: propofol Post-cond group; L + S: sham-operated group; L + IR: LY294002 + ischemia–reperfusion injury group; L + P: LY294002 + propofol Post-cond group.*P < 0.05 vs Group IR; **P < 0.01 vs Group IR; #P < 0.05 vs Group P

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