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Fig. 5

From: TNF-α antagonist attenuates systemic lipopolysaccharide-induced brain white matter injury in neonatal rats

Fig. 5

Representative photomicrographs of astrocytosis (ac) and microgliosis (df) by immunohistochemistry and TNF-α (g, j), GFAP (h) and Iba-1 (k) by immunofluorescence staining of the cingulum (Bregma − 1.0) on P4. Significant increases in the number of reactive astrocytes and microgliosis were observed in the cingulum white matter following neonatal LPS exposure, which was attenuated in the LE group (m, n). In the L group, GFAP or Iba-1 positive cells were also positive for TNF-α (i, l). **Represents significant differences between groups (P < 0.01). ANOVA with a Bonferroni test was conducted. There were six rats per group

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