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Table 1 List of antibodies in the study for immunofluorescence or western blot analysis

From: Chronic exposure to high fat diet triggers myelin disruption and interleukin-33 upregulation in hypothalamus

Antibodies Manufacturer and RRID Immunogen Working dilution
Monoclonal mouse anti-MBP (SMI-99) Millipore
Cat#NE1019, RRID:AB_2140491
Purified human myelin basic protein with amino acids 131–136 1:200 (IF)
Monoclonal mouse anti-MBP (SMI-94) Millipore
Cat#NE1018, RRID:AB_2140494
Purified human myelin basic protein with amino acids 70–89 1:1000 (WB)
Polyclonal rabbit anti-PLP Abcam
Cat#ab28486, RRID:AB_776593
Synthetic peptide as amino acids 109–128 of mouse myelin PLP 1:1000 (WB)
Polyclonal rabbit anti-Iba1 Wako
Cat#019-19741, RRID:AB_839504
Purified by the antigen affinity chromatography from rabbit antisera 1:200 (IF)
Monoclonal rat anti-CD11b BD Biosciences Cat#550282, RRID:AB_393577 Rat (DA) IgG2b, κ in mouse splenic cells 1:200 (IF)
Polyclonal rabbit anti-Olig2 Millipore
Cat#AB9610, RRID:AB_570666
Recombinant mouse Olig-2 1:200 (IF)
Polyclonal rabbit anti-GFAP Millipore
Cat#AB5804, RRID:AB_2109645
Purified bovine GFAP 1:200 (IF)
Polyclonal goat anti-IL-33 R and D Systems Cat#AF3626, RRID:AB_884269 Escherichia coli-derived recombinant mouse IL-33 1:200 (IF)
Monoclonal mouse anti-IL-33 (Nessy-1) Enzo Life Sciences
Cat#ALX-804-840/1, RRID:AB_11000255
Recombinant human IL-33 (aa 112-270) (Prod. No. ALX-522-098) 1:1000 (WB)
Monoclonal mouse anti-β-actin Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat#sc-81178, RRID:AB_2223230 Recombinant protein corresponding to a region near the C-terminus of β-Actin of human origin 1:1000 (WB)
Monoclonal mouse anti-GAPDH Millipore
Cat#MAB374, RRID:AB_2107445
Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from rabbit muscle 1:2000 (WB)
  1. IF immunofluorescence, WB western blot