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Fig. 1

From: Neuro-genetic plasticity of Caenorhabditis elegans behavioral thermal tolerance

Fig. 1

Thermal tolerance curve for wildtype C. elegans. a C. elegans thermal tolerance curve. Locomotion index (LI1) with temperature increments from 21 to 41 °C. Wildtype N2 adult hermaphrodite animals were reared at 23 °C. 54 worms and ≥ 35 animals retained in calculations at each temperature step. b C. elegans locomotion index profiles in response to acute high temperature exposure from baseline 23 °C (black arrow dotted line, 80 s exposure). Error bars indicate ± SEM. 54 individuals tested per series; ≥ 34 retained in calculations at each step. c Locomotion index over time at constant hold temperature after incrementing up from an initial 25 °C (upper half of panel). Hold temperature shown on the bottom half of the panel, with hold temperature of 40 °C comparable to the standard TTC assay; 18 worms tested per series, ≥ 9 worms included in LI calculations at each step

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