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Fig. 4

From: Iron concentrations in neurons and glial cells with estimates on ferritin concentrations

Fig. 4

Intracellular distribution of iron in neurons. a The phosphorus image (P) was used to set regions of interest (ROI, yellow lines in the zoom image) for the subcellular quantification of iron in neurons. Nucleoplasm appears less P-rich than cytoplasm and nucleolus. The image shows subcortical neurons. b Schematic neuron representing (left) the iron concentration (mM) in the cytoplasm, nucleus and nucleolus and (right) the contribution (%) of the compartments to the total iron content of the cell soma calculated for their percentage volume in the cell. Calculation includes neurons from the neocortex, substantia nigra, subiculum, and deep cerebellar nuclei. Number of cells: cytoplasm = 14, nucleus = 19, nucleolus = 50. Values are given as mean ± SE

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