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Fig. 7

From: Enhanced setup for wired continuous long-term EEG monitoring in juvenile and adult rats: application for epilepsy and other disorders

Fig. 7

Simultaneous monitoring of 8 rats with continuous long-term EEG. Shown is a screenshot of a continuous EEG recording performed simultaneously on 8 P100 rats using one EEG recorder. This screenshot was obtained 2 months after starting a long-term recording on rats that underwent early life hypoxic seizures, and reveals the high quality and stability of the recording system and wiring over prolonged periods of time. Each alphabetical letter refers to a rat subject. Shown is a longitudinal bipolar montage with 2 channels per rat (each channel represents the voltage difference between the frontal and parietal sampling electrodes, F3: left frontal, P3: left parietal, F4: right frontal, P4: right parietal). This EEG reveals a normal tracing for all the rats. Tracing of rats C, E, and H are consistent with the 6 Hz theta rhythms seen in relaxed rats, likely a thalamocortical feature that recapitulates the human posterior dominant rhythm given the rhythmicity and monomorphism. The EEG tracings of rats A, B, D, F and G shows drowsy and sleep rhythms. The notch was set at 50 Hz

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