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Table 5 List of anatomical and molecular abbreviations

From: Identification of the neurotransmitter profile of AmFoxP expressing neurons in the honeybee brain using double-label in situ hybridization

Anatomical abbreviations
AL Antennal lobe
CX Central complex
CBU/CBL Central body, upper and lower division
ES Esophageal hole
GNG Gnathal ganglia
KC (sKC, lKC, mKC) Small, large and middle Kenyon cells
LA Lamina
LCA Lateral calyx
LH Lateral horn
LO Lobula
MCA Medial calyx
ME Medulla
OL Optic lobe
P Protocerebrum
PB Protocerebral bridge
PLP Posteriolateral protocerebrum
Am Apis mellifera
Molecular abbreviations
AmVAchT The honeybee vesicular transporter for acetylcholine
AmDop3 The honeybee D2-like dopamine receptor
AmVGluT The honeybee vesicular transporter for glutamate
AmGad The honeybee glutamate decarboxylase
AmVIAAT The honeybee vesicular transporter of inhibitory amino acids
AmVMAT The honeybee vesicular transporter for monoamines
dISH Double-lable in situ hybridization
GABA Gamma-aminobutyric acid
glu Glutamate
-ir Immunoreactive immunoreactive