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Table 2 sLORETA results from the contrast: “Deviant” versus “Standard” (1000 vs. 500 Hz pure tones) in the N1/MMN time window from 83 to 95 ms post stimulus-onset during active listening

From: The spatio-temporal dynamics of deviance and target detection in the passive and active auditory oddball paradigm: a sLORETA study

Brain region Coordinates (X, Y, Z) t-value No. of voxels
Structure BA Hemisphere Lobe Talairach (max.) MNI (max.) Max. Min.  
Inferior Parietal Lobule (IPL) 7, 39, 40 R Parietal/Temporal 45 − 66 40 45 − 70 40 8.12** 4.66** 10
  1. Talairach/MNI coordinates and t-values are referred to the peak activity in each brain region. Italic numbers indicate maximal brain electrical activity in the corresponding BA. Only clusters of size ≥ 9 voxels are reported
  2. **p < 0.01, L left, R right, BA Brodmann area, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute