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Table 1 The rSNPs selected for the GWAS traits related to human diseases and cognitive disorders with their targeted genes

From: Novel functional variants at the GWAS-implicated loci might confer risk to major depressive disorder, bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia

rSNP ID Targeted gene GWAS index ID GWAS-implicated trait
chr10:70716212 DDX21 rs2017305 Depression (quantitative trait)
rs200167248 PSMA5 rs12049330 Major depressive disorder
chr11:125462855 STT3A rs548181 Combined
chr11:125462855 STT3A rs548181 Schizophrenia
rs79148226 STT3A rs548181 Schizophrenia
rs79148226 STT3A rs548181 Combined
chr1:115054172 CSDE1 rs3827735 Autism
chr1:115054172 CSDE1 rs11102807 Autism
chr1:115259341 CSDE1 rs10489525 Autism
chr1:115259341 NRAS rs10489525 Autism
chr1:115259341 CSDE1 rs8453 Autism
chr1:115259341 NRAS rs8453 Autism
rs4951261 NUCKS1 rs823114 Parkinson’s disease
rs823114 NUCKS1 rs823114 Parkinson’s disease
rs7536483 NUCKS1 rs823128 Parkinson’s disease
rs2303222 SETD1A rs11865038 Parkinson’s disease
rs2303222 AC135050.2 rs11865038 Parkinson’s disease
rs2303222 STX4 rs11865038 Parkinson’s disease
chr19:45394278 TOMM40 rs115881343 Cognitive decline (age-related)
chr19:45394278 TOMM40 rs2075650 Cognitive decline
chr19:45394955 TOMM40 rs115881343 Cognitive decline (age-related)
chr19:45394955 TOMM40 rs2075650 Cognitive decline
rs6116042 CDC25B rs3761218 Bipolar disorder
chr3:183874023 EIF2B5 rs1969253 Major depressive disorder
  1. The chromosome position in chr:number format is given in place of rSNP ID for six of the variants that are not reported in the Database of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (dbSNP, Build ID: {138}). Here chr is human chromosome and the number represents the rSNP position on the chromosome, bp; GWAS index—the ID for the GWAS-implicated SNP that is associated with the specific cognitive trait; combined: the GWAS-implicated associations for all from the list: autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia