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Fig. 3

From: AxonTracer: a novel ImageJ plugin for automated quantification of axon regeneration in spinal cord tissue

Fig. 3

AxonTracer automatically quantifies corticospinal axon sprouting in spinal cord grey matter. a Membrane-targeted tdTomato-AAV8 was injected into the motor cortex of adult rats. Transverse spinal cord sections were fluorescently labeled for the cortical spinal tract (CST) and the neuronal cell body marker (NeuN) indicating spinal cord grey matter. b ROI channel (NeuN) spilt created by AxonTracer. c Automatically detected ROI (white outline) based on NeuN signal outlining spinal cord grey matter. d Axon channel (CST) spilt created by AxonTracer. e ROI overlay (white outline) on axon channel (CST). f Automated tracing (yellow lines) superimposed on axon channel (CST) shows accurate CST axon tracing restricted to spinal cord grey matter. Scale bar: 500 μm

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