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Table 1 Comparison of software packages that measure intracellular calcium activity

From: PeakCaller: an automated graphical interface for the quantification of intracellular calcium obtained by high-content screening

Software package Major features of calcium dynamics References
SIMA Amplitude Time of onset Area under the curve Frequency Activation and decay time [19, 20]
FluoroSNNAP Amplitude Functional connectivity Synchronization analysis Correlation coefficient Frequency Activation and decay time Wavelet-based detection [15]
NeuroCa Amplitude Frequency Background correction Analysis of ~ 1000 cells Network dynamics [17]
PeakCaller Frequency Synchronization index Correlation coefficient Event rise and fall time  
MATLAB dynamics Amplitude Frequency Time of onset after stimulus Area under the curve Response duration Full width half max Decay time constant [16]
MATLAB script Amplitude Frequency Automated detection of single cells in dense cultures Background correction [18]