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Fig. 10

From: PeakCaller: an automated graphical interface for the quantification of intracellular calcium obtained by high-content screening

Fig. 10

a Reduction of type I errors by PeakCaller after application of PTX to induce excitation. Prior to PTX exposure both PeakFinder and PeakCaller correctly identified the same number of peaks per active cell. After PTX exposure (50 μM), PeakCaller correctly modeled the state of induced excitation and excitotoxicity in the hiPSC derived cortical neurons, while PeakFinder initially under estimated the number of peaks and then over estimated the number or Ca2+ peaks. b Representative traces of ROI 4 are provided to show the transient increase in Ca2+ signaling after application of PTX. c Designated ROIs across all recordings for this representative experiment

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