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Table 5 Correlation of electrodiagnostically detectable motor recovery with macroscopic tissue regeneration

From: Regeneration of long-distance peripheral nerve defects after delayed reconstruction in healthy and diabetic rats is supported by immunomodulatory chitosan nerve guides

Nerve guide n Evocable CMAPs (tibialis anterior muscle) Regenerated tissue without evocable CMAP No regenerated tissue
Animals/group [%] Animals/group [%] Animals/group [%]
hCNG-II 10 5 50 3 30 2 20
CFeCNG-II 7 5 71* 2 29 0 0*
  1. The table illustrates the relationship between electrodiagnostically detectable reinnervation of the tibialis anterior muscles and the visibility of a regenerated tissue bridge between the previous nerve ends within the nerve guides. In both groups, more tissue bridges have been regenerated than axonal outgrowth had already established reinnervation of the evaluated target muscles at 150 days after delayed nerve reconstruction. In the hCNG-II, however, also a complete failure of regeneration occurred in 2 animals. * Indicates a significant difference (p < 0.05) between hCNG-II and CFeCNG-II (Chi square test)