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Fig. 3

From: Using Kalirin conditional knockout mice to distinguish its role in dopamine receptor mediated behaviors

Fig. 3

TdTomato expression in Cre recombinase mice. DAT-cre, Drd1-cre, and Drd2-cre female mice were crossed with homozygous Rosa26-TdTomato male mice. Adult progeny were perfusion fixed. The brains were sectioned and widespread regions were examined for TdTomato expression. Expression of TdTomato indicates that the DAT, Drd1a, or Drd2 promoter was active in these cells at some stage of development and identifies the cells in which expression of all Kalirin isoforms (KalSRCKO) or Kal7 (Kal7CKO) would be eliminated. a TdTomato expressing cells were prevalent in the ventral tegmental area in DAT-cre mice. b TdTomato expressing cells were prevalent in the nucleus accumbens in Drd1a-cre mice. c Drd2-cre mice also displayed TdTomato expression in the nucleus accumbens. Scale bar 50 µm for (a)–(c)

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