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Table 1 List of primary antibodies used for histological evaluations

From: Early start of progressive motor deficits in Line 61 α-synuclein transgenic mice

Species Antigen Clone Source Item # Dilution
Rat Human α-synuclein 15G7 Enzo Life Sciences, Plymouth Meeting, PA 804-258-L001 1:10
Rabbit Phospho-Ser129 α-synuclein EP1536Y Abcam, Cambridge, UK ab51253 1:2000
Goat Pan synuclein (human and murine α/β/γ-synuclein) poly Santa Cruz Biotechnology, CA sc-7012 1:200
Mouse NeuN A60 EMD Millipore, Temecula, CA MAB377 1:500
Rabbit GFAP poly Dako Z0334 1:500
Rat CD11b 5C6 BioRad Laboratories/AbD Serotec MCA711 1:1000
Rabbit IBA1 poly Proteintech 10904-1-AP 1:200
Mouse CNPase 11-5B EMD millipore MAB326 1:250