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Table 1 Cortical parcellation system (CPS)

From: Results on the spatial resolution of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for cortical language mapping during object naming in healthy subjects

Number Abbreviation Anatomy
1 anG Angular gyrus
2 aSMG Anterior supramarginal gyrus
3 aSTG Anterior superior temporal gyrus
4 dPoG Dorsal postcentral gyrus
5 dPrG Dorsal precentral gyrus
6 mMFG Middle middle frontal gyrus
7 mMTG Middle middle temporal gyrus
8 mPoG Middle postcentral gyrus
9 mPrG Middle precentral gyrus
10 mSFG Middle superior frontal gyrus
11 mSTG Middle superior temporal gyrus
12 opIFG Opercular inferior frontal gyrus
13 pMFG Posterior middle frontal gyrus
14 pMTG Posterior middle temporal gyrus
15 pSFG Posterior superior frontal gyrus
16 pSMG Posterior supramarginal gyrus
17 pSTG Posterior superior temporal gyrus
18 SPL Superior parietal lobe
19 trIFG Triangular inferior frontal gyrus
20 vPoG Ventral postcentral gyrus
21 vPrG Ventral precentral gyrus
  1. Anatomical names and abbreviations of the CPS for all regions stimulated. The numbers refer to the individual subregions, which are visualized in Fig. 1