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Table 2 TaqMan probes used for real-time quantification of genes following siRNA

From: Decreasing the expression of PICALM reduces endocytosis and the activity of β-secretase: implications for Alzheimer’s disease

Gene Gene expression assay
Total PICALM Hs00200318_m1
PICALM isoform 1 Hs00999727_m1
PICALM isoform 2 Hs01003584_m1
PICALM isoform 3 Hs01008128_m1
CHC Hs00964504_m1
APP Hs00169098_m1
BACE1 (β-secretase) Hs01121195_m1
POLR2A Hs00172187_m1
18S Hs03928980_g1
  1. All Taqman probes were purchased from Applied Biosystems