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Fig. 8

From: Olfactory perception of chemically diverse molecules

Fig. 8

Subjects’ own words. a A word cloud in which font size represents the frequency with which words describing odor quality were used. b The number of stimuli that each of the 55 subjects described in their own words. Individual data are shown as dots, median as line. c Semantic odor descriptors for (−)-carvone (1/10), D-camphor (1/10), vanillin (1/10), and methyl thiobutyrate (1/1000). Published descriptors from Sigma-Aldrich Flavor and Fragrance Catalogue, Wikipedia, and the five descriptors with the highest applicability from the Dravnieks odor atlas [21] (top) and self-generated descriptors provided by subjects for the same 4 odor stimuli as well as water “diluted” 1/10 or 1/1000 (bottom). In the chemical structures, atoms are colored as follows: carbon (gray), oxygen (red), sulfur (yellow)

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