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Fig. 1

From: Characterization of a novel zebrafish (Danio rerio) gene, wdr81, associated with cerebellar ataxia, mental retardation and dysequilibrium syndrome (CAMRQ)

Fig. 1

Genomic structure of the zebrafish wdr81 and location of primers. The genomic structure of zebrafish wdr81 was derived from the predicted sequence information released by the Ensembl database and the open reading frame was amplified based on this information. Exons are shown as boxes and introns are shown as lines. Location of RNA oligos, ligated to the transcript by employing the RACE kit are shown in gray boxes. Arrows in the top box illustrate the approximate binding sites of the primers used in the RACE experiments. Arrows in the lower box indicate the approximate binding sites of primers used to amplify the open reading frame and of qRT-PCR primers

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