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Fig. 8

From: Navigational choice between reversal and curve during acidic pH avoidance behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans

Fig. 8

Schematic drawing of traces during acidic pH avoidance behavior of C. elegans. a The positions of the putative threshold pH for curve (Cur.) and reversal (Rev.) were indicated by a broken line. A light blue line represents a trace of forward locomotion during curve avoidance. Red and green lines represent traces of forward and backward locomotion during reversal avoidance, respectively. b Application of the differential activation model [28] on acidic pH avoidance behavior. Sensory neurons and interneurons were represented by triangle and hexagons, respectively. Synaptic connections were represented by arrows. Amphid interneurons and forward and backward command interneurons have been abbreviated as Am. Int., Fw., and Bw., respectively. Blue and green dots on forward and backward command interneurons represent synaptic GLR and GLC glutamate receptors, respectively. Red dots on backward command interneurons represent perisynaptic NMR receptors

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