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Table 3 Antibodies used in this study

From: Expression profiling of the ubiquitin conjugating enzyme UbcM2 in murine brain reveals modest age-dependent decreases in specific neurons

Antibody Immunogen Manufacturer, host, mono-/poly-clonal, catalog number, RRID Conc. used
Anti-UbcM2 Recombinant His6-S-tagged unique N-terminal extension (MSSDRQRSDDESPSTSSGSSDADQRDPAAPEPEEQEERKPSATQQKKNTKLSSKTTAK) In-house, rabbit, polyclonal 1:500 (IHC)/1:1000 (WB)
Anti-Cre recombinase aa 77-343 fusion protein EMD Millipore, mouse, monoclonal, MAB3120, RRID:AB_2085748 1:2000
Anti-GFAP Recombinant GFAP, boosts with GFAP purified from bovine spinal cord Neuromics, mouse, polyclonal, MO22136, RRID:AB_2341541 1:500
Anti-myelin CNPase Purified human myelin CNPase Covance, mouse, monoclonal, SMI 91, RRID:AB_10120658 1:2500
Anti-Iba1 Linear peptide corresponding to human Iba1/AIF1 EMD Milipore, mouse, monoclonal, MABN92, RRID:AB_10917271 1:200
Anti-NeuN Purified cell nuclei from mouse brain EMD Millipore, mouse, monoclonal, MAB377, RRID:AB_2298772 1:2000
Anti-HSP70 Native human HSP70 Enzo, mouse, monoclonal, ADI-SPA-810, RRID:AB_10616513 1:1000
Anti-ubiquitin Amino acids 1-76 representing full length ub of bovine origin Santa Cruz Biotechnology, mouse, monoclonal, sc-8017, RRID:AB_628423 1:1000 (WB)/1:500 (IHC)
Anti-β-tubulin Tubulin from rat brain Sigma-Aldrich, mouse, monoclonal, T4026, RRID:AB_477577 1:1000