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Fig. 4

From: Elevated body swing test after focal cerebral ischemia in rodents: methodological considerations

Fig. 4

EBST performance (a, c, e) and infarct volumes including location of infarcts (b, d, f). There was a significant difference between the EBST curve for group Female 60 min (a) and Male 60 min (c) but not for the three male groups (Male 30 min, Male 60 min and Male 90 min). None of the MCAo groups (Male 30 min, Male 60 min, Male 90 min and Female 60 min) differed significantly in infarct volume of location of infarct (proportion of infarct in cortex). Asterisks indicate significant difference in proportion of right-side swings compared to baseline values of the group (p < 0.05). Mean ± SEM.

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