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Table 3 Significantly enriched miRNA using the mRNA dataset (WebGestalt)

From: mRNA and microRNA analysis reveals modulation of biochemical pathways related to addiction in the ventral tegmental area of methamphetamine self-administering rats

Micro RNA Pathways enrichment
Raw p-value Adjusted p-value (Bonferroni)
miR-509 0.0008 0.0096
miR-141, miR-200a 0.0023 0.0138
miR-149 0.0069 0.0228
miR-9 0.0076 0.0228
miR-518a-2 0.0122 0.0293
miR-145 0.0149 0.0298
miR-182 0.0304 0.0521
  1. Italics indicate miRNA that were identified as differentially-expressed in the microarray experiment.