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Table 1 Elution time and parent ion masses of candidate glycerophosphocholine species bound to proteins in dialyzed α-synuclein KO cytosolic extracts identified by LC-ESI-MS

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Differential regulation of wild-type and mutant alpha-synuclein binding to synaptic membranes by cytosolic factors

Parent ion mass (± 0.15 m/z) a LC elution time (± 0.4 min) a Lipid species in complex with proteins in KO cytosol b Species abundance relative to Wt (Fold change) Species bound to α-syn following immunoprecipitation (Fold change above non-specific binding) c
494.7 12.29 C14:1-PAF ↑-fold  
  12.89 C16:1-LPC No change  
496.8 13.79 C14:0-PAF ↑3-fold ↑9.2x
  14.39 C16:0 LPC ↑2-fold ↑9.8y
520.7 13 C16:2-PAF ↑2-fold  
  13.41 C18:2-LPC No change  
522.8 14.66 C16:1-PAF ↑5-fold  
  15.15 C18:1-LPC ↑2-fold  
524.9 17.2 C16:0-PAFc ↑2-fold ↑1.7x
  18.11 C18:0-LPC ↑4-fold ↑2.3y
545   C18:4-PAF ↑11-fold  
  13.12 C20:4-LPC   
545.9 13.11 C18:3-PAF De novo detection  
  13.99 C20:3-LPC   
568.8 13.12 C20:6-PAF ↑4-fold  
581 15.32 C20:0-PAF ↑17-fold  
  16.04 C22:0-LPC ↑12-fold  
594 16.52 C24:7-LPC ↑2-fold  
  1. aVariations between m/z and retention time between runs were established for all glycerophospholipid species and respresents mean ± standard deviation.
  2. bIdentification is predicted based on the theoretical monoisotopic mass values. CX:Y refers to the number of carbon atoms and double bonds in the sn-1 chain with a predicted acetyl (PAF) or hydroxyl (LPC) group at the sn-2 position. Only the most likely species are indicated although multiple isoforms may be present with the double bond in the alkyl chain at different positions. Isobaric species with same m/z eluting at different times were not further distinguished with the exception of C16:0 PAF.
  3. cReplicate experiments were performed in which α-syn was immunoprecipitated from Wt cytosolxor recombinant α-syn was added to KO cytosoly. Immunoprecipitates were analysed by LC-ESI-MS. Data represent mean increase in relative abundance above background (non-specific) signal ± standard deviation as described in Materials and Methods.
  4. dIdentity verified by based on its coelution with d4-C16-PAF spiked at time of analysis.