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Figure 6

From: Neuronal hypoxia in vitro: Investigation of therapeutic principles of HUCB-MNC and CD133+stem cells

Figure 6

Effect of co-cultivation system (direct v. indirect) on cytokine secretion during co-cultivation of post-hypoxic neuronal cells with tMNC and CD133-. Control: sum of cytokine concentration from single cultured (grey) post-hypoxic SH-SY5Y cells and HUCB-MNC (light green = tMNC, light red = CD133-). Co-cultures: co-culture of post-hypoxic SH-SY5Y cells and tMNC (direct: dark green, filled; indirect: dark green, striped), co-culture of post-hypoxic SH-SY5Y cells and CD133- (direct: dark red, filled; indirect: dark red, striped). Effects are displayed in percent as relative changes to control. Mono-cultures: absolute cytokine concentrations in supernatants of SH-SY5Y normoxic and post-hypoxic mono-cultures (white or grey bars, respectively) and tMNC (light green bars) or CD133- (light red bars). * significant changes to control. + significant differences between co-cultivation systems.

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