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Figure 4

From: Neuronal hypoxia in vitro: Investigation of therapeutic principles of HUCB-MNC and CD133+stem cells

Figure 4

Distribution of tMNC in direct co-cultures. Phase contrast fluorescence micrographs of co-cultures of neuronal cells (unstained) and tMNC (green). Representative images show post-hypoxic neuronal cultures (B, D, F) in contrast to normoxic control cultures (A, C, E) over a time course of three days. Images illustrate the distribution of tMNC in relation to neuronal cells. White arrows point at spatial accumulation of tMNC which are clustered around neuronal somata and processes in post-hypoxic cultures (B, D, F). In normoxic cultures no clustering of tMNC was observed (A, C, E). The black arrow points at a conserved neuronal morphology including branched processes. Scale bars indicate 100 μm.

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