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Figure 8

From: A large population of diverse neurons in the Drosophilacentral nervous system expresses short neuropeptide F, suggesting multiple distributed peptide functions

Figure 8

Distribution of sNPF in the adult brain. A – D. Immunolabeling with antiserum to sNPFp in wholemounts of brain. A. A posterior confocal image with neuronal cell bodies (DLN1, OL1) and two of the four neurosecretory cells (NC). Punctate labeling is seen in superior median protocerebrum (SMP) and in central body (CB; only posterior portion seen here). B. More posterior view of another brain with neurosecretory cells (NC) from which axons (arrows) can be seen projecting towards the nerves connecting to the corpora cardiaca. Neuropil labeling is seen in ventrolateral protocerebrum (VLP) and posterior central body (CB). C. More anterior optical section with labeling in central body (CB), especially the lower layer (arrow). Other abreviations as in A. D. Image at the level of the mushroom body lobes (α, β and γ) and heel (h). Labeling is seen in some glomeruli of the antennal lobes (AL) and in the tritocerebrum (Tri). Two cell bodies are labeled in the pars intercerebralis (PI). E. Immunolabeling in the upper (U) and lower (L) layers of the central body (fan-shaped body) and the nodules (arrow). F. Expression of sNPF-Gal4-driven GFP in central body for comparison. Note that E and F are from different specimens. G and H. Expression of sNPFp immunolabeling (G) and sNPF-Gal4 (H) in the mushroom body lobes (a double labeled specimen) and some cell bodies (arrows). Note the identical expression of markers. I. Cell bodies (S2 and S3) in subesophageal ganglion expressing sNPR immunolabeling. K1 – 3. A double labeled specimen showing close match between immunolabeling and sNPF-Gal4 expression in four large protocerebral cell bodies close to the calyx of the mushroom bodies (green patch in upper right corner).

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