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Figure 3

From: Distributed representations of the "preparatory set" in the frontal oculomotor system: a TMS study

Figure 3

(a) Overall mean change (± SEM) in saccade latencies: the increase of saccadic latencies induced by TMS to the DLPFC, FEF, and SEF during the prosaccade and antisaccade task relative to trials without any TMS. Mean latencies of ipsi- and contraversive prosaccades and trials with TMS at 100 and 200 ms after gap period onset are pooled together to demonstrate the main effect of the site of TMS. (b) Changes (mean ± SEM) in saccade latencies of ipsiversive and contraversive prosaccades caused by TMS applied at 100 and 200 ms after gap period onset. The data obtained with TMS over DLPFC, FEF, and SEF are pooled together to illustrate the overall influence of timing of TMS on saccade latencies.

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